A CT (computerised tomography) is an X-ray examination that allows us to look at your body in cross section.

Using the CT scanner and a powerful computer, we can build images of the whole body showing both soft tissue and bone and see other parts of the body which can sometimes be difficult to visualise.

With our 32-slice GE CT-machine, we are able to deliver improved accuracy of diagnosis and comfort to the patient being scanned.

We understand that beyond the state of the art equipment, the quality of the medical report from investigations is very vital to delivering reliable diagnosis; therefore the combined experience of the Radiologists come in handy as we place a high premium on the reports from our centre.

As part of our expansion strategy, we have in the course of time acquired an extra unit each of all equipment to ensure that all our customers are served promptly.

Foremost Radiology Consultants Ltd has obtained approvals from all the bodies regarding radiology business as a demonstration of commitment to delivering superior services with high ethical standards.