Preparation for the examination

Some examinations require a special diet or pre-examination preparation. When you make your appointment this information will be given to you. If you are unsure if you need preparation for your examination, or are unsure how to go about the preparation, please dont hesitate to ask the reception staff.

Who will do your examination?

Your examination will be performed by a Radiologist (a Doctor who specializes in medical imaging), a Radiographer (a specially trained X-ray technician) , or a Sonographer (a technician with ultrasound training)

After your examination

After your examination the Radiologist or Radiographer will let you know whether you need to wait, or if your examination is completed. If you are asked to wait in the changing cubicle, please dont get changed unless advised to by the Radiographer. Once the Radiographer has seen your X-ray films, if they require any additional films, they may ask you to return to the X-ray room.


A fee is payable for all examinations. In most cases you will have been quoted the examination charge. Payment for your examination is expected on the day of the examination.

Your examination report

The Radiologist sends a written report on your films or ultrasound to the person who referred you for the examination. Depending on the type of test or investigation done in our facility. Some reports are given to patients immediately and some are given out the following day. However all reports are ready within 24 Hours from the time of investigation.

Storing your films

On most occasions you will be able to take the films/CD away with you when you finish your appointment. Please arrange with our receptionist if these need to be sent to your specialist. Please keep them safely, as they may be useful to compare with future studies.

If you are coming for an examination and have films at home of the same body area, please ask the receptionist (when you make your appointment) whether you should bring them with you.

Smoke Free

All of the Foremost Radiology practices are smoke-free.


We cannot accept responsibility for your valuables. Please leave them at home or take them into the examination room with you.

Radiation safety

Our aim is to minimize your exposure to X-rays. If you think you could be pregnant, and are to have a study using X-rays, please discuss this with the Radiographer or Radiologist.

Cell phones

Our modern equipment is not affected by cell phones. However, as a courtesy, please do not use your cell phone during your examination.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints

We value your comments. We regularly send surveys to our patients. The computer generated surveys are randomly generated. If you do receive a survey request, we would appreciate your comments. These help us to determine if we are meeting our desired standard of care and service to you.

We welcome your feedback

If you wish to discuss the service you did or did not receive, please contact us so we can discuss this with you. You can also use our feedback form on this website.